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September 29, 2011
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MLP Have You Been Arrested? by LoCeri MLP Have You Been Arrested? by LoCeri
Everypony makes mistakes. Lets find out what they are. :D

As per usual (if your bold enough) you may answer this question. :)

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I like to think that RD is talking about one incident there.
WingsofFire1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
DungeonBrony Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Rarity's response in this. She's so serious xD
DrWhoFan611 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Arrested? Heh heh.... um.... no....?

Okay, so Russia's mad at me for asking for peace in Russia, Christians are after me for pointing out the 'Bear Eating Children' thing, Poland is after me for 'over reacting' about them being bullies to Russia, the Turkey Emperor is mad at me for braking his statue... by accident... Iceland is after me for bringing a lighter, they're ice-people, not fire-people, Ireland and Scotland are after me for saying, as I quote, 'Your not a real country, you are English-Men wearing dresses!', apparently I'm not suppose to drive on the right in England for some reason, and there was this one time I was trusted to hold a flag for a moment so they could hang it, but I kinda ripped it by accident, and the internet itself is after me for; handing a Play-Boy to a Gay person, burning a Princess Celestia in front of a Brony, set TNA inside the TARDIS, sent the Furries into the pound, told a Treky there's no such thing as Aliens, shoot the Dramatic Chipmunk for looking at me funny, I hacked Team Fortress 2, and worst of all.... and my hat is a 'Crime Against Fashion'.

So, no, I hadn't been arrested.... yet....
superchao101 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Ok here a question for them.....*ahem* Have you.....watched....PONY THREAD SIMULATOR!
tyruvelp Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
second panrl of pinky should have been pinkamina lol 
DerpytheDragon102 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Artist
i could of gone to juvenile jail for assault o3o
Celestial-Rainstorm Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got close once. I punched a guy and he scraped his knee when he fell to the ground. He was bullying my brother. 
Flutterdash46 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental
hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the
staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so
they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the
machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died.
Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you
and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and
she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste
this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow.You
will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room
Sickenedd Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omfg seriously

i read this like 3 times YESTERDAY.

Im fine aint i???
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